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It’s been 4 years Bernardo is sharing his knowledge across the world teaching his techniques with the Blend in Shades Masterclass.

London, São Paulo , Dubai, Kuwait, NYC, Miami and Domincan Republic already hosted his classes.

He teaches the technique created by himself where you can bespoke the right color and styling for each client.

He also has the Shadow Class where the professional stays in the salon for few days watching and helping him and his team. Having a deeper and more complete experience with a real clientele. Formulas, tricks and secrets in how to succeed and take your carrear to the next level will be available for you.

Excited ? Don’t hesitate and contact us!

Online Class

This online class was created by the celebrity hairstylist and salon owner Bernardo Vasconcelos. Here he will teach you all his secrets from the last 10 years experience in the beauty industry. All the secrets he learnt traveling around the world, doing hair or classes is now available in this material.

You will learn his famous BALAYAGE method including the way he does the colour process the treatment and the styling for his clients. You will also have access to his management material, giving you the right keys to succeed in your salon and career.

The salaries, commissions, global contracts, training and more its available in this course. If you want to reach the next level no matter if you are a hair stylist or salon owner, this course was made for you. Choose your option below:



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